Sea of Dead Pilgrims

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The Sand of Dead Pilgrims rests in the northwestern end of the Danonan Deserts and was formerly the place where pilgrims from the north would enter the harsh interior of Danona.

The Sea of Dead Pilgrims is a sand sea filled with dunes and rocks resting in the northwestern interior of Danona, known as the Great Jawachi Wastes, north of the Zanqir Wastes. It is so named for the countless pilgrims en route to Oliblish who have perished at the hands of Jykki bandits or the harsh conditions of the desert. Pilgrims from Barathorn, Amerzcelindo, and the Pallathantic Region, unwilling to go through the Strait of Ummak, find the Sea of Dead Pilgrims one of the fastest places to begin a journey through the Danonan Deserts to Oliblish. Today most pilgrims avoid the Sea of Dead Pilgrims and travel by sea or skycraft over the sea.

The Sea of Dead Pilgrims is largely barren and should only be crossed by well-prepared and well-defended adventures and military units. Even well-prepared travelers with sufficient water and stores may become victims of bandits or corrupt Jykki soldiers. It is recommended that travelers avoid the area or obtain an escort from the ruler of Jhaadi Zhumzhur to ensure the security of person and property.

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