Selukyal I of Jerushabla

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b 2110, d 2023, ruled 2087 AS to 2023 AS. King Selukyal, son of Tauhan who was the successor to Shanjubyal, was born in 2110 AS (traditional) and begun his rule in 2087 AS. He was a powerful sorcerer and known for the creation of the Throne of Storms. The name Selukyal is Khahonri and comes from seluk + yal, meaning either Yal has magnified or he has magnified Yal. The Second Book of the First Kingship in the Kaphrimmoth narrates the reign of Selukyal. Selukyal was succeeded by the regent Caphicain the Gaudy.

Selukyal I is regarded as the founder of the Regalian School of magic that relies primarily upon ritual casting and arcane circles.

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