Senatorial Palace of Aurice

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Map showing the site of the Senatorial Palace in the city of Aurice

The Senatorial Palace of Aurice is the regular seat of the Noble Senate of Aurice. At its heart rises the vast interior space known as the Great Curial Hall which rests between the three great apses for the various senatorial nobles. The present-day palace was constructed 2637 to 2654, begun shortly before the completion of the Temple of the Golden Phœnice. Prior to its completion, the senate met in the Archbasilica (reconstructed beginning 2562 by order of Baimund Kaligär) or in the Gubernatorial Palace, the former Palace Bijäl. The Senatorial Palace rests on Lords Island in the Magistrates District and it faces Golden Phœnice Riven, across from the Gubernatorial Palace.


Stalcast Bijäl had ordered the construction of an immense palace for his family and a great edifice to house the cult of the Golden Phœnice. The old Senatehouse across Golden Phœnice Riven was in need of renovation. After the Aurician Revolution and the change from a monarchy to a noble republic, the leading senators determined to create a great hall to house their numbers that would rival or even exceed the old Bijälian Palace. The Senatorial Palace was made during the years 2637 to 2654 using titancraft engines to hasten the work. It towers over the surrounding buildings and is one of the tallest structures in Aurice.

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