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*[[List of Incarnandist Saints]]
*[[List of Incarnandist Saints]]
*[[Shaqtirah kath Katima]]

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Shaqtirah kath Katima established seven archapostles to succeed her. She sent them into the world to preach the message of the Incarnandus.

Incarnandist Archapostles
Archapostle Route of Mission Birth Conversion Martyrdom Successor
St. Brayand Jerushabla, Narshad, Ebinóë, Deliops, Erserce, Goscundy 794 836
St. Deelah Nymentho 790 831
St. Gerrick Jaggudorns 801 834
St. Rhamrhoth Pytharnia, Midretasso, Erechóreb 807 840
St. Shannadh Ebinóë, Thrysto 775 853
St. Thaulephus of Irdan Jerushabla, North Danona, Nymentho, and Amerzcelindo 793 837 St. Enosh Ranockus
St. Thyssa Sahimb, Zephasia, Benjalay 799 849 Shammukh of Giryatha

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