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Locator Map of the islands of the Shadevan Delta
The Islands of the Shadevan Delta

The Shadevan Delta is the interlocking flotilla of islands that rests at the mouth of the Shadew River. The Shadevan Delta rests in the northeast Pallathantic Sea. The Delta is a rich wetland and home to numerous animals, including waterfowl and reptiles, and thick bosques of water-logged trees. The water routes through the Shadevan Delta have become particularly busy since the completion of the Five Locks Project. The islands of the Shadevan Delta have historically been rich farmland, although the water is highly saline, but not as salty as the Pallathantic Sea.

Most humans in the Shadevan Delta are descendants of ancient, Ithatian and Pallathantic colonists. The northern islands of the Delta are home to the Phumaise, humans of mixed Jaggudornish-Ithatian blood who speak the Phumaise Language.

The oldest known civilization to have existed in the Shadevan Delta is the Malesggite Civilization.

Humanlikes of the Shadevan Delta

In addition to humans, the Delta is home to centaurs, trolls, Stone Giants, Tritons and Merfolk, Gishak, and Axemandel.


The waters and swamps of the Shadevan Delta are home to gibgibsews and organchan voraxes. The dryer lands of the islands are home to giant sloths and deer uniquely suited to the islands.


The signature tree of the Shadevan Delta is the Shadriff Tree found in the swampy woods along the coasts of the islands.

Aurician Rule

The Shadevan Delta became the territory of the Aurician in 2589 when Grand Duke Stalcast Bijäl annexed these lands from the Republic of Ithatia. The inhabitants have recourse through a local parliament but the Aurician governor can forbid most resolutions of the parliament. Aurician policy leaves most local affairs to the local jurisdictions. This has made the municipal governments largely happy, but many peasants and travel complain that brigandage and small-time piracy are serious problems. Many political observers state that Aurice sees the Delta purely for military purposes to secure its rich Agogian provinces to the north.

List of Islands of the Shadevan Delta

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