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Locator Map showing Shagrela'al in the Old World
Map of Shagrela'al

Shagrela'al is a great peninsula attached to southern Weshif. Unlike Weshif, Shagrela'al is semi-arid and sustains many kinds of fauna and flora. In the late summer, monsoons bring critical rains the land. Shagrela'al is bounded to east by the Titans Sea and on the west by the Sea of Malankhas. Shagrela'al is separated from Tiyakhommat in the Sahimb by the Strait of Halawjat. Shagrela'al is considered the homeland of the ancient Thammazite Tribes and is the heart of the Imzaha religion. The King of Shagrela'al rules from Jamseguph. The Kingdom of Shagrela'al maintains important relations with Shaliz-um-Warif, Rala-Pithur, Safaadi, Hœrnect, and the Izibjaalite Sheikdom across the Titans Sea as the most sacred pilgrimage sites of the Imzaha religion rest inside the kingdom. The neighboring lands have considerable Imzaami populations. The Zehlibs of Shagrela'al have been the spiritual heads of the Imzaha religion for over a thousand years. The term 'zehlib' is often translated as 'king,' though the ancient Dagaithi word for king is different. The demonym for Shagrela'al is Shagrela'alite.

Natural Shagrela'al

Shagrela'al is a semi-arid land relieved by monsoons in the late summer and light rains in the winter. It has very hot summers and mild winters. Drought-resistant plants and grasses are common, including acacia trees, balsam, and sycamore fig trees. While not an absolute desert, Shagrela'alite travelers rely on oases and cisterns to supplement their precious water.

Camels water at a cistern in northern Shagrela'al

Kingdom of Shagrela'al

Flag of the Kingdom of Shagrela'al

The Kingdom of Shagrela'al is the government of the land and is headed by a direct descendant of the prophet Ammudiyn the Seer. The Dagaithi word, 'zehlib,' is translated as king, but means something more like pious leader or pious head. Shagrela'al is proud of its historic freedom from chaos dominion. Unlike most other nations in the Pallathantic-Memnosian, Shagrela'al has never been ruled by a Chaos Lord.

Cities of Shagrela'al

The capital city of Jamseguph rests inland from its port city of Ephsiqah. Other cities include Lirekh and Rowda on the border, Imshalleel, Lekhashai, Herrrey, Phereg, Kushehr, Khafwe, Tambina, Tigdid, Thra-Kaa, and coastal Sa'ajia. Biyur, Imaqtiyl, and Qupha Sahal are important island cities.

A Shagrela'alite city in the mountains

Pilgrimage Sites of Imzaha

The land of Shagrela'al is home to the Great Ziggurat where Imzaamis are requird by their religion to make a sacred pilgrimage at least once in their lifetimes. The Great Ziggurat rests in the small city of Imshalleel.

Flying Steeds

Shagrela'al is famous for its winged magical steeds that are the mainstay of the aerial cavalry of the Kingdom of Shagrela'al.

History of Shagrela'al

Shagrela'al is the ancient homeland of the Thammazite tribes. Its history includes periods of united rule under king and fractious rule under sheiks and chieftains. During the time of the Yophenthean Successor States, Shagrela'al was ruled under the Kingdom of Lishromiya. Since the time of Ammudiyn the Seer, the land has been ruled almost continuously under a Zehlib.

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