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Incarnandina Incarnandist Saint b 743, Kauliath, Jerushabla; ascended 822. Prophetess of the Incarnandus; Midwife of God. Many children of the Shenimite Tribe of Jerushabla were being born with birth defects, and later with the psychic gift—much more than was ever known among humans—though their numbers were still relatively small. An explanation was in order and the midwife, Shaqtirah Kath Katima revealed the gospel of the Incarnandus — that the Universe itself as manifested by God would transform himself and be born a human being. One day she prayed for help in delivering a baby and an angel appeared to her and told her the reason why so many were born with the psychic gift and many others born with birth defects. The angel said that the psychic gifts are the power that God has given to men in the mean time. The birth defects represent the forces of Chaos that will come. The Jerushablans (Yalists) largely rejected the words of the new prophetess, but most of the Shenimites accepted these revelations. Shaqtirah further revealed that God was causing the Shenimite women to give birth to more psychics to prepare the earth for the Incarnandus. She taught that mortals were to reject priesthoods as abominations and ready themselves to receive a higher priesthood when the Incarnandus arrived sometime in the future. She said that the priesthood of the Jerushablans had become corrupted and God no longer validated it. She taught her followers to spread the message of the gospel of Incarnandus, so that the world could prepare for the coming of God. Men could prepare by living a pure life and meditating on the Incarnandus daily.

She chose seven followers to become Apostles of the Incarnandus to preach the word throughout the world, Thaulephus, Shannadh, Gerrick, Deelah, Rhamrhoth, Thyssa, and Brayand. Her adoptive son, St. Thaulephus became the Arch-Apostle of Incarnandism. The Yophentheans sought many times to execute her, but she was saved miraculously each time. At length, they caught her and according to their account, burned her at the stake. According to Incarnandist tradition, she ascended to heaven in a white chariot. Eventually, all of the seven apostles were killed in their missionary travels. Shaqtirah’s father converts to her beliefs and is the first martyr in Jerushabla. Shaqtirah is alienated from her mother for unrelated reasons—finally she is united with her through the power of the Incarnandus. She eventually beholds the “beatific vision,” the birth of the Incarnandus, the transformation of God/Cosmos into a mortal. This transforms her as well and she no longer need dwell among mortals. She writes only a very little. Her followers record her sayings and compile them along with her sparse writings into the book of Incarnandic scripture which includes the books of the seven apostles. The angel told Shaqtirah that the future mother of the Incarnandus would be born of her descendants through her daughter. Before that day, an earlier generation descended from her daughter would be born a powerful psychic who would help defeat Chaos. Shaqtirah’s daughter, Jahra, however, rejects her mother’s beliefs and it seems that the future of the Incarnandus is threatened. God/Cosmos must become a human so that the universe will not fall into entropy. Jahra has dreams of the destruction of the universe through entropy. After her transformation, Shaqtirah ascends to heaven on a golden lionness.

Little is known of her husband, Mathonah, except that he was a devout man and accepted the words of his wife.

Meaning of Name Shaqtirah

Shaqtirah is a Khahonri name that comes from ‘shaq’ meet + ‘tirah’ expectation, emotion. It means ‘meet the expectation’ which is ambiguous as it can mean to be equal to the expectation or alternatively ‘oppose the expectation.’

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