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Siul rests in the Siulian Sea, north of the Sea of the Dead on the ancient Siulian Seamount in the Pallathantic Sea.

Siul [English Pronunciation: SIGH-ool] is the capital city of the merfolk tribes of the western Pallathantic Sea. It is said to have existed in antediluvian times before the Great Flood. The ancients widely believed that the goddess Dáwan reigned in person in the city and most merfolk believe this today. The city of Siul is the largest merfolk city and rests atop the Siulian Seamount south of the Danona Ridge. The city is roughly 100 feet below sea level. Its towers and structures receive daylight due to their proximity to the sea surface. Sea traffic above the city is directed by buoys to prevent collisions with merfolk watercraft emerging and descending at the surface.

The city considers of towers and airy grottoes in which air bubbles exist. The merfolk are amphibious in practice and enjoy both places of seawater and air in which to dwell. The city is famous to this day for its manufacture of fleeglesilk, a textile essential for the construction of traditional skycraft. It is also famous for its expert pearlers and pearl cultivation and its pearl jewelers and craftsfolk.

The city of Siul remains somewhat mysterious to this day. Entrance to the city requires access to watercraft that can descend below the surface. There are many human merchants that have longstanding relations with the merfolk, but their numbers are relatively small compared to the greater human populace. For this reason, most humans know of Siul through a secondhand source.

The city of Siul shares the Siulian Seamount with other merfolk communities, including Shasiu and Bdaspa that are subject to the capital city.

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