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Sparkless is the common name for a titancraft device that generates a panfield specifically attuned to cancel out the ignition of dwarvenfire, ignoring or canceling any mage-shielding that the dwarvenfire arm may have. The first sparkless was invented by Saret ishbiz Wabdaz Tschamtschakhin, an Ithradic dwarf in 2664 as part of the Sewdhaine War. The first sparkless devices were designed simply to bypass mage-shielding. With the invention of counter-shielding for dwarvenfire arms, the sparkless was improved to overcome the counter-shielding. More advanced sparkless devices could disable the counter-shielding of the enemy's weapons while not de-activating the differently attuned counter-shielding of one's own weapons. The technology reached a peak in the 2670's when each device became equal to the other in capacity, making the knowledge of the frequency of shielding and shield-penetration of as great use as the technology itself, particularly where the combatants wish to deactivate the enemy's dwarvenfire armaments but not their own.

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