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The divinities that both claim the sun as forebear and incorporate the aspects of the sun into their portfolio are considered Sun Gods. Thus Arathrax, born of both Eriu and Amrulon is a sun god as he personifies aspects of the sun. But in constrast, Thwar whose father is also Amrulon is not however a sun god, for he personifies aspects of the sky and his mother is Parkia. Thus Thwar is a Sky God.

The commonly acknowledged sun gods of the Isxinthion Gods are Amrulon, Eriu, Arathrax, Zando, and Rhio. While sun gods along with Sky Gods are regarded collectively as 'divinities above the earth,' they are also considered distinct from Earth Gods, Sea Gods, and Sky Gods. Sun Gods are associated by alchemists with magical fire or priests with holy fire.

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