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Map of the Continent of Sungo

The distant subcontinent of Sungo is little known to the inhabitants of the Pallathantic Sea. Caravans of camels and sky barges in their turn bring accounts of self-disciplined elves of law and Sungotine Mystics who can calculate the tonnage of a caravel at a glance. Sungo is the home of elves and humans, exotic silks of magic, and the addictive substance known as euphorium. Tales of ogre-ridden woods and energist warriors the equal of any Shenimite who can fight with their minds abound. Much is rumor and only the relatively small amount of merchants who have visited far-off Sungo have any substantial knowledge. Some princes of the Pallathantic have hired Sungotinians, but what knowledge these masterful calculators of thought possess, they do not share publicly.


While the Empire of Tangshan is considered within the cultural sphere of Sungo, it lies outside the subcontinent proper. Politically, the rule of Sungo is divided among several groups. The elves hold the most prestige and live in the northwest in the kingdoms of Jettuba and Axunya. They are honored with gifts and tribute from the other peoples of Sungo and sometimes the Empire of Tangshan. The civilized humans pay tribute to a priest-emperor who resides in Mim Lo. The southern half of Sungo is occupied by small groups of humans and humanlikes whom the humans of Mim Lo consider rustic and backward. The mountain kingdoms are ruled by numerous humanlike groups who pay homage to the elves of Axunya or Jettuba.

Map of the Sungotine Sea


The language of the elves of Sungo is the Sungotine Language.

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