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Talil is the historic and modern capital of Narshad. The name Talil is thought to come from an ancient Cospian word that means 'for the god.' Talil rests on a slight prominence north of the Th'abi Wushal Hills and south of the Stream of Yaharaphi that flows into the sea. Talil rests about 5.5 mi (9km) from the seashore where it was historically safer from direct piracy. Its access to the sea is provided through the small city of Kuphah Heshober. In ancient times during some Narshadite dynasties, Talil was the royal seat. Today, Talil is the seat of the Shu'ah, the sovereign legislative body of the Narsadese Republic and meets regularly in the Jehimzalya Palace. The population of Talil proper is estimated at over 800,000 and is the sixth largest in the old world. The explosive growth of the city after the establishment of the Narsadese Republic was due in large part to the great influx of refugees and expatriots from the Gorcorumbese Empire. The demonym is Talilite. The city of Talil has vied with Syre for thousands of years to be the most important on the island of Narshad.

Map of Talil and Environs

Talil is administered by a mayor governor who presides over the city council which is composed of local representatives elected by the leading families of each of the eleven districts of the city. The eleven districts are: Jahshimuz' District, Ebinóëse District (Talil), Cospian District (Talil), Shelekhumbian District (Talil, Tis'bajuma District (Talil), Commercial District (Talil), Jerushablan District (Talil), Merchants District (Talil), Halakhan District (Talil), Iymajbun District (Talil), Bisrajin District (Talil).

Talil is served by dragonrail through Qakhi Dragonrail Station and modern Khaliymith Skyport.

Chronology of Talil

Pallathantic Kingdom of Narshad, Narshad ruled as a single island


Customers haggling with merchants in the old markets of Talil

List of Sites

Pool of the Sisters


[PDF Map of Talil (WIP)]

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