Talizar Desert

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The Talizar Desert rests north of the Sea of a Thousand Curses in the High Deserts of central Asdauria.

The Talizar Desert is an intermediary region between the Danzercouptan Desert and the Jusher Wastes in the High Deserts of Asdauria. It rests along the north coast of the Sea of a Thousand Curses. The Talizar Desert is less sandy than the Sarvandif Wastes with occasional outcroppings of short, rocky mesas. The desert is rather cold in the winter, occasionally reaching below freezing. It is thought to be virtually as treacherous as the Sarvandif Wastes with few nomadic inhabitants. Legend reports that the ruins of the antediluvian titans rest underneath its sands. Few expeditions to explore the region have returned and none have reported any ancient ruins of note.

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