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A widely practiced religion of the far east, Tamdarism [pron: tam-~DAH-rizm], also known as the Tamdari [pron: tam-DAH-rih] teaches the way of energy and offers philosophical and practical reasons for individual self-control and harmony with the natural and the supernatural universe. Tamdari is a religion primarily for the individual and only concerns itself peripherally with governments and groups. Cycles of nature, including Reincarnation are reflections of cosmic energy. Tamdarist philosophers propose to hold the secrets of immortality. The Tamdari religion is syncretist as it accepts the existence of gods and philosophy within its world view. A person can be Tamdarist and worship traditional gods at the same time. The Tamdari faith does not demand sole adherence to its principles.

Lord Thamphakulu of Sungo wrote the Book of the Tamdari around 870 before Salmakhamer. The keystone book of the Tamdari presents and expounds all the essential principles of the Tamdari faith in mystical language. Tamdarists acknowledge that many of the principles of their faith existed and were known before the Book of Tamdari, but see Lord Thamphakulu as a divinely inspired philosopher and teacher who restored ancient knowledge and made it possible for mortals to understand and integrate these practices into their lives.

Book of the Tamdari

The Book of the Tamdari is the core source of doctrine and knowledge for Tamdarists.

"The True Magic can been heard all around us. The magic that cannot be seen is only mystery. The true magic is the hearing and not the sound."

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