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The Tamukh Kingdom covered the period from 2323 AS to 1884 AS or about 439 yrs and is named after the first of five ruling dynasties. The Tamukh Kingdom followed the Surizhah Kingdom (3042 AS to 2323 AS, ~719 yrs) and is considered the beginning of the ultimate decline of ancient Kalaman Civilization. The Tamukh rulers retained Aturoksha as the capital of their power and supported the priests of Atur as part of the state religion. The Tamukh Kingdom is most noted for the legendary War of the Dragonfolk. The Tamukh Kingdom was contemporary with the Kingdom of Thykomos, 2,400 AS to 1774 AS.

The Tamukh Dynasty continued the mixed system of subject and tributary kingdoms where more culturally similar and geographically close kingdoms were subjects and farther outlying kingdoms and princes were made tributaries. The decline of power in the eastern frontier was ongoing and islands of Ithatia made only honorary gifts. The Pallathantic Tribes who settled peacefully, by invasion, and by local piracy, occupied the islands of the middle and eastern Pallathantic Sea over the centuries of 2400 to 1800 AS. These raids and invasions contributed to the instability and collapse of the Tamukh Kingdom.

Tamukh Dynasty ca. 2300 AS

Chronology of the Tamukh Kingdom


ca 2370 AS
Cataclysm of the Screeching Maidens, Zamaclë

Tamukh Kingdom

2323 to 2210
Tamukh Dynasty (113 years)
ca 2300; reconstruction of Palace at Aturoksha
ca 2300 to 1900

The Lords of the Midnight Sea, : Pirate ships under Neptultchi Prince raid the Sea of Forgetfulness in the dead of night, using ithrabbi slaves to overtake and sabotage ships, looting them, seizing prisoners and booty and then sinking them.

2323 As to 2210 AS, life of Manshuyanda the Spell-strong of Aturoksha, established school of magic in Aturoksha
2210 to 2132
Kamalsuddhu Dynasty (78 years)
ca 2100

invasion of Pallathantic Tribes into northwestern Kalama; invasions help bring about the collapse of the Kamalsuddhu Dynasty

2132 to 2088
Dhusakwebhit Dynasty (44 years)
2088 to 1935
Tanjakhri Siyalit Dynasty (153 years)
ca 2000 to 1800

piratical raids and trade problems due to Pallathantic Tribes in middle and eastern Pallathantic Sea continue

ca 1900
lasting defeat of the Neptultchi Pirates in the Sea of Forgetfulness; ships of the Tanjakhri Syalit Dynasty eliminate nearly all Neptultchi Pirates.
1935 to 1884
Sinaskha-Pramu Dynasty (51 years)
End of Sinaskha-Pramu Dynasty and end of Tamukh Kingdom; Challanushra and many other cities become autonomous

Dynasties of the Tamukh Kingdom

Tamukh Dynasty, 2323 AS to 2210 AS, 113 yrs
Kamalsuddhu Dynasty, 2210 AS to 2132 AS, 78 yrs
Dhusakwebhit Dynasty, 2132 AS to 2088 AS, 44 yrs
Tanjakhri Siyalit Dynasty, 2088 AS to 1935 AS, 153 yrs
Sinaskha-Pramu Dynasty, 1935 AS to 1884 AS, 51 yrs

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