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An early dragonrail engine

Titancraft is the technology that uses magitechnical means to capture ambient magical energy for work. Titancraft is so-called after the ancient antediluvian Titans who are widely believed to have invented and employed it. The history of titancraft among humans is roughly limited to the past two centuries. Before this time, only arcane texts and ancient epics had reference to titancraft and it was considered simply an ancient form of magical spellcasting. Titancraft is a key feature of modern industry and commerce and essential for many modern devices. Dirigible shaped flying vessels have become symbolic of immense power of titancraft in today's world of Asdar.

schematic of the essential components of a titancraft engine

Titancraft differs from the magical practice of wizards in that it is purely rational and its functioning can be apprehended by an intelligent person with sufficient study and training. Additionally, a non-magical person (grunterer) can be trained to use it. New titancraft technologies are jealously guarded by the individuals and corpora mercia who discover them. Titancraft is rarely in the ownership of the poor or the disenfranchised. (Full Article...)

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  • Did you know that Panseeing is essential to the practice of the arcane arts?
  • Did you know that Orkybanthius of Zander, a cosmologer of the fourth century developed a theory to explain and account for the existence of giants?

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A young Incarnandina

The Incarnandina

The living matrilineal descendant of Shaqtirah kath Katima who is the youngest daughter of the previous Incarnandina assumes the role of Incarnandina. She is the spiritual head of the Holy Family among the Incarnandist believers. She serves as the de facto head of the Incarnandist community. Incarnandists believe that either the present Incarnandina or a future Incarnandina will be the mother of the Incarnandus who will be the manifestation of the supreme being or God-consciousness in human form. (Full Article...)

Depiction of the Eight-Pointed Arathracian Solifix


The Yophenthean Empire Portal, although just a stub, now has a sizable collection of links to topics related to the civilization and history of the seven hundred years of the Yophenthean Empire in the West. (Full Article...)

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List of Erechórebese Sunfathers

This list presents all one hundred eighty seven (187) of the acknowledged Erechórebese Sunfathers of the Erechórebese Arathracian Church subsequent to the Fall of Yophénthë (986) up to the present day, in chronological order. The office of sunfather arose within a few years after the Third Sack of Yophénthë (986). The skyfaring raiders who had formed a coalition and sacked the imperial capital, slaying the emperor and the high priest, resolved to slay anyone who arose as king of the Yophentheans. To skirt this issue, the office of sunfather was created. Erechórebese Sunfathers could not be hereditary and dynasties were strictly forbidden. However, Sunfathers like all Arathracian clergy could and were expected to marry and have children. At the heart of a patriarchal religion, the general powers of administration were reserved to the male clergy. (See Full Article...)

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