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A primitive people who anciently dwelt throughout the isles of the eastern Pallathantic Sea, the Thetzisari survive only in legend, rudimentary traces of their culture, great rock carvings, and Ithatian legend. Scholars debate whether they were related to the Neptultchi, the Malesggite Civilization, or the Kalamans, and evidence exists to suggest all of the three.

The Thetzisari worshiped spirits of nature and numinous forces. They fished, hunted, and gathered wild fruits and nuts. The Thetzisari held the organchan vorax in great awe and made war intermittently with the numerous giant clans that dwelt throughout the isles.

The migrations of the Ithatian tribes absorbed the Thetzisari people and the primary memory of this lost people is preserved in Ithatian epic poetry and story-telling. The ancient Ithatians described the Thetzisari as shorter then themselves, dark-skinned with olive undertones, dark hair, and dark brown eyes. The word 'Thetzisari' comes from the ancient Ithatian word, 'theze.' The Thetzisari were known for a vast sum of oral lore, most of which has vanished into the mists of time as their holy men passed on.

Tribes of the Thetzisari

Somaka Hemeno Tulosha


The holiest place on the earth according to the ancient Thetzisari lies in Deliops at the foot of Mt. Agdæus.

Thetzisari Creation Myth

The myth of creation among the ancient Thetzisari was recited in the assembly of the local tribes over period of a hundred evenings. The full body of the creation myth is vanished, but Ithatian scholars have captured excerpts of some key parts.

Agdaskalos, an Ithatian scholar, records the account of the creation of humans according to the Thetzisari. The gods first created the feyfolk, spirits of the air, and the trollfolks, spirits of the earth. The feyfolk and the trollfolk through various encounters intermingled and produced a hybrid race. The feyfolk desired the beautiful children of these unions and the trollfolk demanded the strong offspring and strife arose. The goddess Mágdë interceded and clipped the points of the ears of the offspring, resulting in a race that was neither lithe like the fey nor oafish like the trolls and thus created humans.

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