Third Geddamin War

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2550 to 2556 Of the five so-called Geddamin Wars, the third was the last to see expansion of the Gocorumbese Empire. At this time, Gorcorumb was allied with Thrace and her subject dominions. Thus Gorcorumb and Aurice were not at war as Aurice was a viceroyal duchy, subject to the New Kalikán Empire.

In the Third Geddamin War, Gorcorumb completes its conquest of most of Corundy and western Ithatia, formerly under the dominion of the Kalikán of Thrace.

Medibgö and Gliri allied together against the Gorcorumbese attempt to conquer the isle of Gliri in 2556 at the Battle of Gliri (2556). This defeat also influenced the Gorcorumbese to bring the war to a conclusion so that they could solidify their imperial gains.

Kalikán-Ephysgæes Pact (2551 to 2574), renegotiated in 2570.

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