Thracian Military and Aristocratic Ranks

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In Thrace, all upper levels of the military were indistinguishable from aristocratic offices. This article deals with the Thracian names of these offices during the twenty sixth century, the period of time which culminated with the Great Sky War which brought about the elimination of the monarchy.

Ranks and Precedences of Thrace, 26th Century
Title English Approximation Function Remark
Pushá-drava King Hereditary Monarch, semi-divine, much venerated High Priest of god Thwar
Crown Prince Next in Line figurehead of Thrace
Sampusha Vars Grand Vizier Prime Minister Handles busy details of kingdom
Khamilúk Epavi First Lord Shogun-like ruler appointed by King; office defunct after 2539
Lukkha Sampushá Viceroy non-hereditary governor appointed by King, ruler of a Lukkhaminko or Viceroyal Duchy
Samlukkha Vars Ducal Vizier Ducal Chief Minister handles busy details of viceroyalty
Khamilúk Sky Admiral Admiral of Skyforce appointed by King
Sambarba Rear Sky Admiral Second in command to Sky Admiral appointed by King
Urran Duke Aristocrat with several buspa following him and lots of land hereditary
Buspa Himmelgraf Aristocrat with following of warriors and land hereditary
Drinka Baron Aristocrat with land, above a knight hereditary
Gorolda Knight skywarrior, fitted with armor and a sky war vessel hereditary
Dzakkara Sky Warrior Sky Warrior, enlisted commoner

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