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The son of the deceitful violation of Orclanx against Parkia, Threy [anglicized pronunciation: /θrɛɪ/] resents his standing among the gods and endeavors to bring about their folly. Threy was favored by particular sky tribes who would offer human sacrifice to him to hold off plagues, storms, and the chilling touch of death. Threy is a god of mischief and outcasts, but also the opener of ways who can bring about what the other gods cannot or dare not.

Threy's antagonism towards Thwar and sometimes Arathrax is mentioned through the bardic repertoire. Threy once stole the steeds of the sun that pulled the chariot of the sun. Arathrax was obliged to discover where Threy had secreted them and recover them so the sun would return to the sky. The gods punished Threy for this action which only further exacerbated his hatred for them, by decreeing a sentence of one hundred years in the underworld, but he escaped after only one year of imprisonment.

Threy's wife is the goddess Dáunau. His three daughters by her are Dáwan, Devahlia, and Dasironessa. Threy has fathered children by other mortals and humanlikes. The ancient sky hero, Llewthor, was the son of Threy's dalliance with a mortal and Llewthor subsequently became the ancestral forebear of the Tyskvál Tribe and Threy became their patron god.

Threy is given credit for uniting the fractious sky tribes to form a coalition that sacked Yophénthë in the year 986 which precipitated the fall of the Yophenthean Empire. According to the author of the Woes of Yophenthea, Threy is the grandsire of Dántherac Spelúntomil.

Threy often is depicted in the apparel of a traveler, wearing a cloak or a cloak with a hood and travel boots.


Orkybanth (Midretassene), Kirxios (Ithatian), Luvas (Moigthe), Lúbh (Yophenthean)


Trickster Immortal
Opener of Ways

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