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The Thwarrish Religion is the system of beliefs, centered on the god Thwar, practiced by humans of the High Shadevan Plateau (Thrace, Gantvia, Jamenth, Shaddago) and elsewhere which developed over several millennia. The Thwarrish Religion places the god Thwar (Tuvar) at the head of the sky gods. The Thwarrish Religion is sometimes contrasted with Arathracianism. Historically, the Sky Tribes of the Jaggudorns had economic and political conflicts with the Yophenthean Empire. The Thwarrish Religion was an important principle behind the Viceroyal Law of the New Kalikán Empire.

The Thwarrish Religion holds the pre-eminence of Sky Father (Thwar), but respects the roles and contributions of the other divinities, especially the sky gods of the Isxinthion Pantheon. The Thwarrish Religion was doctrinally more tolerant than Arathracianism and presumed a relationship between the ruler and his subjects that formed the philosophical basis of Viceroyal Law. The Thwarrish Religion effectively became the state cult not only of imperial Thrace, and was publicly observed by the Viceroyal Dukes of the empire. In the Thwarrish Religion the military and physical fitness of the ruler was deemed essential for a moral government.

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