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Thykomos was the name of an early Gwenyan Kingdom in the far eastern Pallathantic Sea and is the namesake of the Thykomian Islands. Dated to 2,400 AS to 1774 AS, it succeeded the older Kingdom of Tirios (ca 4,200 AS to 2,400 AS). In the third millennium before Salmakhamer, Pallathantic Tribes invaded and conquered the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Tirios and created the Kingdom of Thykomos. The Pallathanic Tribes were Gwenyan, but the Tirionites were pre-Gwenyan. Their relationship if any to the Thetzisari is not well understood. The Tritons of the surrounding shallows played an important role in Thykomian history as they do today. The Eruption of Mount Ardinth (1923 AS) is thought to have contributed to the decline of Thykomian civilization. The first immigration of the Ithatian Tribes around 1775 AS ultimately brought about the collapse of Thykomian Civilization.

The myth of Hakamos is attributed to the ancient Thykomians. The capital of the island kingdom was at a site near what is today Zeptril.

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