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The conflict between the Titans and the Isxinthions is called titanomachy. The titans fought in many such battles against the onslaught of the Isxinthions, particularly in the near 5,000 years that followed the Great Flood until the appearance of Amrulon. Titanomachy can also mean an artistic representation of battle between Isxinthion Gods and Titans.

Legend and myth recounts that all the highest beings were involved, including the Chaos Gods and the Infernal Gods, to some degree or other in the ongoing war beween the Isxinthions and the Titans that immediately preceded the Flood of Aturyanda. The titans themselves were divided among themselves between those led by Orion Pharaonicus who sought to take possession of the Ark of Amrulon and the Tablets of Creation and those who fought alongside the Isxinthion Gods.

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