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Titans are acknowledged in nearly every ancient tradition as the former rulers of the world of Asdar before the mythical Flood of Aturyanda. Titans are depicted by ancient accounts as very great humans, towering above a one-storey human edifice. Before the advent of titancraft in early modern times, titans were considered by academics as merely vainglorious accounts of Geddamin in pre-literate times. The growing acceptance of early Geddaminese titancraft as an adaptation of a much older technology has been the impetus behind the titanist school of thought.

Titans are described in the Aturyandakumi as owning a civilization, ancient even by the standards of Antediluvian humans that had grown decadent through the millennia and fought protracted wars with the Isxinthion Gods and internecine conflicts among their own kind. In the west, the heritage of titans is attributed to the Aarokinian Titans.


In the titanist school of thought, it is the titans who brought humans with them when they first settled Asdar, having left their homeworld. The utopian city-world of Azalamb is also attributed to the ancient titans.

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