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The Titans Sea washes the shores of several dry and semi-arid lands and is named after the antediluvian titans.

The Titans Sea is a moderately-sized sea that rests between Weshif and Disradún with only one means of access to the Askonian Ocean through the Strait of Halawjat into the Sea of Malankhas. Most of the Titans Sea is significantly shallower than the Sea of Malankhas. The sea is so called after the titans whose greatest ruling cities were said to have stood in the surrounding lands according to legend before the Great Flood.

The waters of the Titans Sea are relatively warm and provide humidity for the otherwise dry neighboring lands. The waters are prone to small storms in early autumn and late spring. In the shallows of the northern Titans Sea, voyagers sometimes report seeing sunken structures.

The waters of the Titans Sea are shared by shipping of Shagrela'al, Rala-Pithur, Izibjaal, the Dominion of the Knights of Dhaalizoond, Uhdhena, Hœrnect, and some of the city-states of the Elephant Kings. The Titans Sea is an important segment of merchandise from the east which passes through the Sea of a Thousand Curses and over the short land route from Dhaalizoond to Sidrathafilu which is the Dominion's main port to the Titans Sea. Uhdhena is entirely on the island of Kabuzifajín and thus completely dependent upon access to the main land of Weshif, Disradún, and elsewhere by means of the Titans Sea.

The Titans Sea is prone to piracy, especially from eastern Weshif and Izibjaal. These humans and half-orcs are not working under the sanction of any ruler. The half-orc pirates sometimes have the tacit approval of ruler of Izibjaal. Shagrela'al, Uhdhena, Dhaalizoond, and Hœrnect actively work to keep the waters free of piracy. The merchant consortiums that manage the independent city-states in the Sea of a Thousand Curses also have a strong interest in keeping the waters of the Titans Sea safe for commerce. Consequently, merchant vessels of any significance will typically be armed or have military vessels accompany them for protection from the possibility of pirate attack.

Some merchant interests have speculated about creating a canal Dhaalizoond and Sidrathafilu to join the Sea of a Thousand Curses with the Titans Sea, but no money seems to have backed the idea. The distance is much greater than for the Great Canal of Benjalay and would require considerable expense to channel. Additionally, competition from the Great Canal of Benjalay reduces the potential revenues of such an alternative waterborne route from the East. Some have proposed the more feasible possibility of creating a rail route between the two ports with special cars for holding barges or at least barge containers.

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