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Triton settlements of the eastern Pallathantic Sea, especially in Thykomia and the Shadevan.

Tritons are aquatic humanlikes closely related to the Merfolk. In biological terms, tritons are amphibious, possessing the ability to breathe water and breathe air. In contrast to the Merfolk, they have two finned legs rather than a body section terminating with a single fin which is what mermen have. Tritons dwell in under-sea grottoes and niches on the continental shelf of the Pallathantic Sea where they have occasion to come into conflict with fishermen and other seafaring humans. The Noble Republic of Aurice acknowledges the autonomy of the triton enclaves in the over-province of Thykomia which has brought centuries of conflict to a close. Tritons in turn are believed to provide intelligence to the Aurician government.

Triton settlements are more loosely connected than the cities of the Merfolk. Tritons have smaller, more rustic settlements close to the shore and often engage in trade with humans on shore. In ancient times, tritons would raid the coast for slaves and goods. These triton settlements acknowledge the overlordship of the priests of Glasppa and will refer to their judgement when adjudicating conflicts between their settlements.

Tritons are omnivores and subsist on the bounty of the sea, including fish, shellfish, and seaweed. They cultivate the treasures of the sea, such as pearls.

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