Union of Pytharnia

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Imperial Flag of the Union of Pytharnia

The Union of Pytharnia is a supranational organization that promotes security, monetary standards, and trade standards among the three member states: Empire of Magdala, Empire of Medibgö, and the Kingdom of Thrain. The Union of Pytharnia works closely with the Dwarven Dragonrail Guild of Pytharnia and the Sovereign Archguild of Master Titancrafters of Pytharnia. Medibgóëse Gonfaloy as a subject state of Medibgö often cooperates with the Union of Pytharnia.

The Union of Pytharnia was formed in 2590 by the union of Medibgö and Magdala. Thrain joined the Union in 2599 in the Accession of Thrain. In the twenty seventh century, Ambrasia has been solicited to join the Union, but has declined, retaining its preferential trade agreements with the Commonwealth of the Ithrads.

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