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The World of Joturnia refers to the planets, associated settings and creatures, and adventures of the Joturnia-Mithgorne System. These worlds are part of the Zalawti System which is in the same galaxy (Starsea) as the World of Asdar. Thus the World of Joturnia is part of the greater World of Asdar. The World of the Dancing Sun is so-called because the sun, Zalawt, seems to spiral around as it passes across the hot sky of Joturnia.

Cambions in the World of Joturnia

Tieflings are a large minority among the human populations of the World of Joturnia. However, most of these so-called 'tieflings' are of a later generation. Roughly two out of every three tieflings or those having infernal ancestry in the World of Joturnia are descended from devils rather than demons. This is due to the long-standing practice of Akuban and especially Terubian sorcerers making pacts with entities from the infernal realm. Tieflings and persons with devilish traits are sometimes called 'diabolisk.'

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