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Please read this article if you are interested in using this wikipedia.

Wiki Format

This wikipedia uses MediaWiki software. However, it is not open-source. Please see Terms of Service. All rights are reserved to creator of the content. Kraig Hausmann uses this to create and develop the World of Asdar. The creation of content for this wiki is not a community collaboration, although the creator recognizes the influence of many sources and is grateful to fellow conworlders.


This wiki is meant primarily for the benefit of its creator to track and keep created components of the world of Asdar. It is made public for the enjoyment of others, including as a resource for non-commercial role-playing.


The default perspective of the wiki is from a human living in the Pallathantic Region around the year 2745 AI, unless context or explicit statement says otherwise. This is also the main timeline as there are an imputed infinity of alternative timelines for the Asdar universe. The world of Asdarah is geographically much wider than the Pallathantic Region and has a historic timeline that reaches back many millennia.


Terranization as used in this wiki is the conversion of a word or term from an Asdaran language into a real world language, namely the English language. On the World of Asdar, there are thousands and thousands of posited languages through its history. Constructed languages are a common component of constructed world.

About the Creator

Kraig Hausmann works on the World of Asdar in his spare time as a hobby, inspired by the many rich sources of fiction in our world and from the historic and legendary past. He received a BA in Classics at BYU in 1995, taking both the Classical Greek and Classical Latin tracks. He has also studied other languages, including German, Spanish, French, and Italian. His mother was fluent in Italian, Spanish, and French and he credits her with his love of foreign language and culture. He lives in an endorheic basin in the Rocky Mountains and probably should get out more. He hopes to visit Italy some day.