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Development of Asdaran Writing Systems. Please see PDF which is updated!

On the world of Asdar most every writing system is thought to have originated from the Titans, the dragons, the elves, or the dwarves. While scholars disagree about the origin of humans on Asdar, most accept the titans as the source of writing for humans. The Neptultchi writing system's origin has not been established with any consensus by scholars.

Writing Systems for Human Languages

In the Greater Pallathantic Region, nearly all human writing systems are thought to have developed from Aarokinian Titanic through branches of Hœrnectian, Drameggin, and Shelekhumbite Glyphs. Aarokinian Titanic, also known as 'Deiunic,' is thought to be a character system and very few examples of it are extant today.

Modern Writing Systems

Modern human languages in the Greater Pallathantic Region use one of the following writing systems and many of them are closely related to others. The Erechórebese Alphabet is used by many languages.

Thammazic Alphabet

Progression Leading to Erechórebese Alphabet

  • Aarokinian Titanic Characters, aka. 'Deiunic' (ca 18,000 AS)
  • Drameggin Syllabary (ca. 13,000 to 8,000 AS)
  • Ancient Kalaman Script (ca 6,000 AS)
  • Hirgunya (Kalaman Syllabary) (ca 4,000 AS)
  • Early Midretassene Alphabet (ca 700 AS)
  • Mature Midretassene Alphabet (ca 360 AS)
  • Early Erechórebese Alphabet (ca 100 AI)
  • Mature Erechórebese Alphabet (350 AI)

Other Writing Systems

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