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Yalism is the worship of the god of the ancient Khahonri as the supreme, infinite creator. Today Yalists are very few and found mainly in Thyria and the coastal countries of the Memnosian Sea. The Kaphrimmoth is the core text of Yalists today. Yalists find their core beliefs in the Kaphrimmoth. Strictly observant Yalists observant a detailed code of conduct that includes a prohibition against the consumption of pork and pork products. The Khahonri anciently did not eat pork because they believed that the giants and other evil, magic-using beings could change humans into pigs. So to avoid eating a human being, you had to simply avoid eating pigs altogether.

Yalism is thought earliest to have developed during the period of the Thammazite Tribe migration, 4100 AS to 3400 AS, but developed distinctly during the Early Khahonri period, 3400 AS to 2600 AS.

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