Yetsuchocha of the Echoes

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Chaos Ruler Yetsuchocha of the Echoes /ˌjɛtsʊˈʧoʧa/ was a powerful Tuadbe Sorcerer-Priestess of Chaos who ruled much of the Amosgire during the Middle Ages of Chaos. Her year of birth remains uncertain, but is thought to have been towards the beginning of the 2200's. She became the priestly ruler of the local chaos temple and was a vassal of Llamgathsukba of the Beasts. She was slain in 2310 at the conclusion of the Isbajath of the High Magdalans. Records report that she had constructed or acquired a temple for the practice of chaos cults in the Amosgire. The temple is variously reported as destroyed by tisbajuma or the gods and its remains are now lost to historians. The exact nature of Yetsuchocha's death is not agreed upon. Tradition reports that the tisbajuma slew her in the Isbajath of the High Magdalans, but the Tuadbe's oral tradition is that a rival priestess slew her during the disorder of the Isbajath of the High Magdalans when the Amosgire was invaded.

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