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The region surround the city of Yophénthë in southern Erechóreb.

Yophénthë is the historic capital of the Arathracian Church and was the capital of the Yophenthean Empire. The city of Yophénthë is the second largest city on the island of Erechóreb after Rhafyx. The city today is the core of the Holy See of Yophénthë which is an independent, self-governing state and also the ecclesiastical capital of the Arathracian Church. This article treats the municipal city of Yophénthë and not the surrounding area which is part of the Holy See.

The city of Yophénthë rests in the southern portion of the Tireathiain Hills of the island of Erechóreb around the Calithew River. The eight hills are the Samphigun which is the highest, the Glaviaudh, the Thaimurg, the Casphaloth, the Smerra, the Yachago, the Miherriag, and the Rhevandur.

List of Sites in Erechóreb

Casphaloth Hill, north
Saint Erreagea’s Arathracian College
Shrine of Aireánnau Mother of the Folk

Samphigun Hill, west of the Calithew River
Temple of Arathrax the Progenitor begun in 1200's at the commend of Breagavin I, formerly the Great Temple of Arathrax built ca 570 AI
Calantuvese Palace
Temple of Skiánthra Messenger
Smerra Hill, northeast
Erreagine Palaces, mostly ruins
Temple of Arathrax Savior
Glaviaudh Hill, southwest
Errigaidha Nava, great Arathracian Sanctuary
Arathracian Gymnasium of St. Erreagea
Rhevandur Hill, east
Archcollege of the Yuligirn
Orrigine Palace, residence of the Arathracian Erechórebese Sunfather, built during reign of Orry II, 2578 to 2602
Yachago Hill, south
Arathracian Gymnasium of St. Erithragal the Restorer (Yophénthë)
Miherriag Hill, southeast
Arathracian Library of Yophénthë
Thaimurg Hill, northwest
Arathracian Gymnasium of St. Galbry (Yophénthë)
northeastern suburbs
Archguild School of Yophénthë
Charrahug Dragonrail Station

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