Yophenth Tribe

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The Yophenths were a tribe descended from the Goldenling Tribe who migrated from southwestern Pytharnia to Erechóreb. They are the namesake of the city of Yophénthë and the honorary name of the island of Erechóreb, Yophenthea, and the Yophenthean Empire. According to legend, the father of Aireánnau Mother of the Folk was King Arsorean of the Yophenths, making all Arathraciots descended from the Yophenth tribe.

The Yophenth Tribe in alliance with the Erigiu Tribe established hegemony over the other tribes and creatures of Erechóreb in the third century after Salmakhamer. The name of the tribe is the root of the word Yophenthean which became applied to all inhabitants of Erechóreb.

In their wars with various other tribes on Erechóreb, the Yophenthean tribe promised the indigenous elves that they would not slay them in return for their obedience. The Yophenths kept their word, but enslaved the Siordi Elves. The Arathraciots used their powers to keep the elves (Siordi) in check and enforce their obedience.

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