Yophenthean Law

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Yophenthean law is the legal system of the ancient Yophenthean Empire and covers the legal progress of jurisprudence over many centuries. Developments including the semi-mythical Sixteen Tablets of Arathrax and the Edict of Culfarran are critical points in the history of Yophenthean Law. Yophenthean Law subsequently is the foundation for Arathracian Church Law and the law of many Arathracian States.

Yophenthean law covered many aspects of life, including powers and obligations of priest-kings, sun priests, powers of magistrates, powers and obligations of judges and legal trials, differences between commoners and Yophenthean aristocrats, known as Arathraciots, marriage, family practices, and inheritance, observances to the gods, especially Arathrax, criminal and civil law, fines, capital punishment, relations with foreigners and foreign rulers, property and slaves, and agricultural practices.

In centuries subsequent to the Fall of the Yophenthean Empire, Yophenthean Law was replaced in many lands by so called Common Law.

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