Yophenthean Successor States

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Various Success States of the Pallathantic

The Third Sack of Yophénthë combined with the sack of Trevirs brought about the final blow to the central imperial apparatus, but did not eliminate the diocesan governments throughout the empire. The dominions are often called Yophenthean Successor Kingdoms. However, the name 'state' is preferred as some were merely micro-dominions of Arathracian Sanctuaries and did not have monarchical pretenses. Arathracian ruling families in the provinces came to terms with the destruction of the imperial capital and established the local supremacy of their authority in friendly alliance with other Arathracian houses. In some cases, they vied for power in internecine conflicts which lent greater strength to marauding sky tribes and humanlikes.

Successor States

Contemporary States

Nomadic Peoples

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