Ammudiyn the Seer

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b 1198, transported 1287. Aka, Ammudiyn ikb Israbif ikb Imkhir. Ammudiyn the Seer was born of a Hœrnectian concubine bound to Prince Israbif, the youngest son of Lord Imsaafal, King of Shagrela’al. For this reason, he is also called Ammudiyn ikb Israbif, or ikb Israbif, or simply the Son of Israbif. On the night he was born, the virgin sybil of the goddess Saaqa (Shaqeth) foretold that there was one born of the King’s household who would overthrow the rule of the gods and of men because of the faithlessness of men. The King questioned the priest-slaves of the Temple of Saaqa for several hours and they all of them affirmed that the prophecy was genuine and authentic. King Imsaafal could neither eat nor rest and he was minded to summon all the magi and all the wizards and all the prognosticators in his kingdom. He revealed his determination to his vizier and uncle Aasulam.

His uncle Aasulam (Aasulam ikb Imkhir) actually heard the prophecy of the sybil beforehand and being godless himself, disdained it and plotted to use the prophecy to overthrow the king.

The story relates that vizier using his wiles indeed brings about the exile of the king and his servants. But the uncle fails in his attempt to usurp the kingship and is slain in turn, bringing about the sybil’s prophecy that the faithlessness of men would become the cause of the overthrow of the rule of gods and of men. The worship or rule of the gods is overturned, just as the sibyl of Saaqa foretold and Ammudiyn the Seer becomes the spiritual head of Shagrela’al, preaching and converting the faithful to the religion of Imzaha. Imzaha means "the possession or empowerment," meaning the possession or empowerment by God. One who follows Imzaha is an Imzaami. Ammudiyn the Seer's grandson, Sulimakhub ikib Mahrimaz became the first Zehlib of Shagrela'al. In 1228, Ammudiyn married Tiyuth. She gave birth to Mahrimaz ikib Ammudiyn in 1229.

The Bahraz

Words recorded in seven books of which only five are revealed to mortals. The entire work is called the Zankiphresil which means the seven books of God. The part revealed to mortals with the account of Ammudiyn's life is called the Bahraz. Imzaamis believe the Zankiphresil itself is too intense for most mortals to read. It is impossible to read the Zankiphresil directly as they are located in heaven. They were revealed in portions by the seven angels of God.

Tenets of Imzaha

♦ There is only one God and he is all things
♦ God does not need to come in human form because he already is manifest in the whole universe
♦ There are only two elements to the universe
That which is God awake and that which is God asleep.
♦ Serve God by awakening oneself to God.
♦ Pray in the khaasha every new moon and as often as possible other times
♦ At least once in your life, make a pilgrimage to the Great Ziggurat

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