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Locator Map of the Aurician Empire in the Pallathantic Region
Locator Map of the Aurician Empire in the Old World. Skaligdæ in southern hemisphere not shown.

Flag of the Noble Republic of Aurice The Aurician Empire consists of the Imperial City of Aurice, island and land holdings of Asdauria, the Shadevan and Agogian Provinces, and overseas possessions, especially Skaligdæ and Bijälenland. The Noble Republic of Aurice and the Empire of Magdala jointly appointed the rulers of the Viceroyalty of Jagohr until the end of the Sewdhaine War. Aurician commercial and legal interests control the very lucrative Grand Shadew Canal.

The empire is divided into Over-Provinces and Provinces. The Over-Provinces are Throvy, Corundy, Asdauria, Thykomia, Shadevan Provinces, Agogia, Bijälenland, and Skaligdæ. These are divided into Provinces some of which exercise local government in the form of a parliament of hereditary members, and others elected. Each Province may be divided into Prefects, Municipia, or Counties, sometimes a combination of these.

There are also several client states which are dependent upon the Empire and often work closely with the overall military strategy of the empire.

Map of Aurician Empire in the Pallathantic Region at its greatest extent ca. 2745

Imperial Provinces and Colonies

Throvy (Free Parliaments)

Corundy (Semi-Free Parliaments)

Zamir is a mountain region of northeastern Corundy. Most Zamirites speak a dialect of Tassan, but Throvian speakers make up the majority of the inhabitants along the coast. For political and strategic reasons due to the Fourth Geddamin War, Zamir became subject to the Aurician Empire. The land was divided into two parts for administrative purposes..

Eloaria (Subject Parliaments)

Eloaria (Military Governors)

Thykomia (Subject Parliament)

Shadevan Provinces (Subject Parliaments)

(Incomplete list of islands
  • Adámphë Island, Eronti Island, Threbcain Island, Tionant Island, Thisgrundi Island, Zeth Baire Island, Yairuny Island, Ambrundi Island, Iailcumb Island, Engeodris Island, Timbraduel Island, Griainsundi Island, Musimoria Island, Sekuph Island, Trefrensel Island, Essebune Island, Karkagunot Island, Kaibune Island, Yamish Island, Dradak Island, Pacumethel Island, Pembélikë Isle, Paiolion Island, Baspenot Island, Xyathoth Island, Strentor Island, Isiagos Island, Sampha Island, Psaronot Island, Kumeikenot Island, Stroultë Island)

Agogia (Subject Parliaments)

Bijälenland (Imperial Governors)

Map of Aurician Bijälenland in southern Orrhymby

Skalgigdæ (Imperial Governors)

Map of the Island of Aurician Skaligdæ

The huge island of Skaligdæ is considered part of the Antarctic Plate and is divided into numerous municipia or townships. It is very cold in the winter, except for the northernmost coast which is cool to cold in the winter. This rugged land offers great resources for Corpora Mercia of the Empire and vast challenges to hardy colonists. It is sometimes the place of exile for criminals and those whose political fortunes have plummeted.

Reputed Buffer and Puppet States These lands are in principle independent, but in practice are dependent upon the foreign policies of the Aurician Empire.

Shaddago (see Joint Enterprise Zone)

Hostile Neighbors Ebernia (Bisontaurs) Igdiria (Bisontaurs) Turgosia (Centaurs) Streionia (Ambrulia) (Centaurs)


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