Ddägduch Lord of the Flying Earth

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Chaos Ruler b 2162, d 2391; ruled 2209 to 2391; Ddägduch: Chaos Ruler of Bambnaskügchawr, skyness summoned from the elements.

  • Opancha, Ddägduch’s lover-chamberlain from Johaulia, is a powerful rune wizard.
  • Kömagukspeidd: mage-knights who ride flying chaos beasts and serve Ddägduch.
  • Kömaguk: chaos beasts used as mounts by the Kömagukspeidd.
  • Snameis: adroit chaos sorceress and aunt to Ddägduch.

Alliance with Dragon Knights of Bryndyd

Ddägduch received the Dragon Knights of Bryndyd in his service. They remained in his service until he was destroyed and they returned to Bryndyd during the Medibgóëse Empire. The knights took up occupancy in the skynesses of Medibgö and were loosely allied to Ddägduch.


Ddägduch was slain in the Battle of the Padparadscha Magi and the free-flying skyness of Bambnaskügchawr was devoured by colossal chaos beasts. The Padparadscha Magi were wizards who had sworn an oath to defeat Ddägduch and wore magical fiery pink gemstones to signify their pact. They summoned monstrous, winged beasts of chaos and came up in battle against the ruler of Bambnaskügchawr in 2391. The magi rode some of the beasts, but the greatest of the beasts, colossal in size, fought alongside them in the air. Lord Ddägduch was slain and the skyness was devoured by the colossal chaos beasts. According to legend, some parts of the skyness fell to the earth above the Marshes of Baihu and are laden with treasure.

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Regnal Name Birth Year Rule Death Dominion Isbajath Cause of Death Remarks
Bexaloth Archmage of the Infinite Elements of Eternal Chaos 2169 2191 to 2302 2302 Asbardy Seventh Isbajath Shadirya of Zephas Associated with Onombria
Copazousa Daughter of Chaos 2094 2179 to 2251 2251 Deliops Fourth Isbajath Accidental Death Death attributed to accident
Ddägduch Lord of the Flying Earth 2162 2209 to 2391 2391 Bambnaskügchawr Ruler of the Skyness Bambnaskügchawr
Ishmutekebessa Goddess-Queen of Leh-Shelekhumbis 2102? to 2286 2286 Shelekhumbia Sixth Isbajath Jamiheya Daughter of the Wind
Lord Kualotha of the Groaning Earth 2238 2257 to 2311 ? Magdala Twelfth Isbajath unknown thought to have fled to another realm
Prince Ulcanov of the Shattered Waters 2087 2119 to 2278 2278 Throvy Fifth Isbajath Gidhoniel kab S'ephah Wielder of the Scarab of Night-Turned-Day
Titney the Magnificent Pest 2057 2083 to 2296 2296 Erechóreb Eighth Isbajath Jedhur Dragonwilled Slays Sunfather Kidorn III in 2083