Magitechnic Institute of Aurice

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Founded 2609, the Institute researches Titancraft and instructs students and scholars in the theory and application of traditional academic magic and titancraft engineering. Thrandun Gorgonicus, a member of prestigious Metropolitan House of Aurice, was appointed Chancellor in 2748. The great palace of the institute was built on the site of a magical laboratory belonging to Ugorth the Archmage. Its enrollment is about 12,000, including scholars of advanced studies.

Map of the Magitechnic Institute of Aurice, showing the main east campus citadel and the west campus.

Campus of the Institute

The campus of the Institute is located in the southwest neighborhood of eastern Aurice and is made up of the citadel and numerous surrounding buildings for lectures, research, and dormitories.

The Citadel

Called the citadel by its students, the 'castle' building (Hewlus Draingoblet Administrative Building) of the Institute was constructed from 2639 to 2651, funded by wealthy Metropolitan Houses of Aurice either directly or through their sponsoring Corpora Mercia. The citadel is a landmark building of the imperial city of Aurice. Most lecture halls and administrative offices are found in the citadel

Entrance to Under-Aurice

The citadel has long been identified by the general populace of Aurice as concealing an entrance to Under-Aurice in its depths. The government of the institute acknowledges that the upper structure adjoins to subterranean chambers, but insists they are dedicated to its researches into the nature of tellurian energies and magdeological knowledge. The regents have routinely denied that there is any access to the so-called Under-Aurice.

Arcanistry Lab (West Campus)

The Arcanistry Lab (West Campus) occupies nearly the same amount of space as the Citadel. In the arcanistry lab, students practice the various aspects of wizardry and titancraft under supervised instruction. Alchemy and spellcasting are especially practiced.


The Institute is similar to an Archguild, but wholly owned by a consortion of Corpora Mercia who fund and sponsor it in order to educate and train future employees and develop titancraft technology.

Ugorthine College of Magecraft

The Ugorthine College is the oldest college and was subsumed by the institute in the early 27th century as its sponsor. It is the most prestigious institution of magecraft in Goscundy and enforces rigorous standards.

Ramoprastine College of Applied Titancraft

Named in honor of Ramoprast, a pioneer in the adaptation and development of Titancraft in the late 26th century, the Ramoprastine College of Applied Titancraft is well-known for its extensive research and development of titancraft technology.

Tellurian College of Magdeology

Smaller than the other colleges, the Tellurian College educates future magdeologers in preparation for explorations of the earth, mining and excavation, and the study and use of panox which is essential to most modern titancraft. The college also facilitates the ongoing research of these crafts and the improved use of panox in titancraft.

Ugorthine Library of the Magitechnic Institute of Aurice

The main library of the Institute is the Ugorthine Library which houses most of the volumes. The library was part of the Ugorthine College before the creation of the Institute in 2609. The library has nearly a million volumes, with special collections in titancraft technology and history of late 26th century Aurice, histories of Ugorth the Archmage, Aurician History, Aurician spellcraft, history of Aurician spellcraft, Pallathantic Alchemy, Kalaman Alchemy, and Aurician trade.

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