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The Medibgóëse Empire in the late twenty fifth century at its farthest extent.

The Medibgóëse Empire arose in the mid twenty fifth century shortly after the establishment of the Asgabin Tutha Dynasty which used its power to fill the international vacuum in Pytharnia, Corundy, and Throvy. Historians use the term Medibgóëse Empire to refer to the period of time after the Isbajutha when Medibgö was an international power and ruled most of the core countries of the Pallathantic region. During this time, the Medibgóëse Language and the Medibgóëse System of Measurement became widespread in use. Medibgö also set the precedent for the role of wizards in post-chaos, modern times and established the basics of their manner of dress with the ffwrsva and instruction. Despite the relatively short duration of their international dominion, the Medibgóëse were a major influence on modern civilization, even when compared to the influence of the subsequent New Kalikán Empire. After the fall of the New Kalikán Empire, Gonfaloy and Kasthavia continued to be ruled by Medibgö.



The Medibgóëse Language persists as the premier language of international diplomacy, having supplanted Classical Yophenthean. The ffwrsva remains the standard accoutrement for wizards to wear in public to signal their magical prowess and observance of local regulations. Most colleges include some or much of the Medibgóëse methods of magical instruction. The Medibgóëse court protocols continue to be practiced for wizardmasters who serve in royal and noble households. The Medibgóëse System of Measurement is used in international treaties and most scientific treatises.


  • Gnaffa 'mb' Ebach Serdywainve

b 2416, d 2476 Medibgóëse military leader during Medibgóëse Empire, author of military treatise.

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