Noble Republic of Aurice

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The tricolor of the Noble Republic is symbolic of its independence and origination from the New Kalikán Empire.

The Noble Republic of Aurice is the government of the Aurician Empire which has developed over a period of a little more than one hundred years since the triumph of the revolutionaries in 2634. The Noble Senate outlawed the power and office of the Grand Duke and assumed all such power in itself. The Noble Senate appoints principal magistrates, including the Lord Governor-General of Aurice who wields supreme executive power for his term in accordance with the constitution of the Noble Republic. The office of Lieutenant Governor-General was created in 2644 with the stipulation that he be a commoner, elected by the Senate. He served principally as a junior officer to the Lord Governor-General. In 2674, the Noble Senate under tremendous political and economic pressure to the middle classes at home and in the provinces, enabled the creation of the Grand Provincial Chamber, now commonly called the "Provincial Curia." Two years later, in 2676, the Provincial Curia gained the power to elect the Lieutenant Governor-General of Aurice from among their number. This officer is elected from its number by the Provincial Curia.

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