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Salmakhamer crowned with a wreath of laurel

b ca 38 AS, Uthurnia; d ca 45 AI, ? Elantuventh. The Prophet Salmakhamer is famed throughout the annals of history as the priest and missionary who left his native Kalama to renew piety and devotion to the Isxinthion gods. Historians place his date of birth at variously 30 to 50 years before the first year of his ministry which marks the beginning of the Isxinthion Calendar. Chroniclers usually put Uthurnia as his place of birth. Elántuventh claims the privilege of holding his burial site in the Mausoleum of the Heliophant Eternal. It is not certain that Salmakhamer died in Elantuventh. His family was of mixed Kushiri-Tassan heritage.

Salmakhamer taught the Isxinthion Gods which differed from the Kalaman Gods of his native Kalama. Salmakhamer is thought to have been part Kalaman and part Midretassene in heritage.

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