Second Geddamin War

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The Second Geddamin War, 2527 to 2530, saw considerable territorial expansion for the Gorcorumbese Empire. The giants made use of their titancraft technology and levies of beastfolk from Thrysto and Heruliconia to wage several coordinated campaigns against lands farther west. They tested the waters with sea battles against humans (Battle of Mirrhaimo (2528), Battle of Cape Suchasal (2529)), but refrained from following up their victories and instead making peace with the defeated humans focused on organizing their empire. At this time, free humans were not willing to involve themselves in a war with the giants over seas in Danona. Most human lands of the Pallathantic Region were subject to the Thracian Empire.Desthor and Emprodesthor were not subjects of the Thracian Empire and thus the battles for them did not directly provoke Thrace. By withdrawing from further campaigns against Corundy, the Gorcorumbese made their defeat at the Battle of Emprodesthor (2530) seem to signal that they had no further territorial ambitions in Corundy.

Gorcorumb’s Battles and Campaigns of the Second Geddamin War, 2527 to 2530.
Gorcorumb’s Territorial Gains at the close of the Second Geddamin War, 2530 AI.

Chronology of the Second Geddamin War


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