Shadirya of Zephas

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Incarnandist Saint b 2271, d 2321. The heroine of the Seventh Isbajath, she slew Bexaloth in 2302 in the Second Battle of the Archmage (2302). Shadirya was a Shenimite of unknown paternity from a small town called Zephas in Jerushabla. When the first battle of the Archmage took place, 2287, she was only about fifteen years old. She was taught to play the lute by her mother who was a courtesan, but Shadirya was inclined to gymnastics and wrestling. One day the women of the Incarnandina's retinue visited when Shadirya was fourteen and the young girl showed an aptitude for learning combat. She was recommended to the Incarnandina who asked her mother's permission to take her into her retinue. Her mother reluctantly granted permission.

She was known for the purity of her purpose of mind. She led a following of kamsudhi (Incarnandist Monk Warriors) into the palace after its defenses had finally been breached by the tisbajuma in the Second Battle of the Archmage. After defeating his guards and minions, she and her companions fought the Archmage and Shadirya slew him in combat. According to some sources, there was a great explosion of magical energy upon the slaying of the Archmage. The body of the Archmage was destroyed far more than could be delivered by the power of a psychic warrior's sword. Additionally, Shadirya and some of her companions were driven unconscious. After awaking, Shadirya either refused or was unable to speak for a little more than a year for reasons that are not well understood.


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