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Shadmouthton located on a spur of Bavaila Island just before the mouth of the Shadew River

Shadmouthton is the largest settlement at the mouth of the Shadew River, so named for the surrounding region called the Shadmouth. Shadmouthton rests on the southeasternmost point of Bavaila Island and is the last settlement for most river-barges before exiting the mouth of the river into the waters of the Shadevan Delta. Shadmouthton is part of the Aurician Over-Province of Agogia. In 2745, the city was calculated to have about 37,000 inhabitants and is one of the largest cities in the region. The city has two ancient stone walls. The larger demarcates the traditional northwestern boundary between the city proper and the rest of the island of Bavaila. The second wall girds the high city (acropolis). Shadmouthton has two faces to the river, the one to the south is the bank of Shadew River and frequently receives river-barges making visits for service. The bank to the northeast borders the Umbarbifa River, a short but large channel that connects the Saint Ameldaib River to the main channel of the Shadew River just before it empties into the Shadevan Delta.

Transportation Hub

Shadmouthton is famous for its many visitors and travelers. The navy of the Aurician Empire stamped out piracy in the twenty seventh century, but other vices such as unlicensed gambling establishments and organized crime abide. Dragonrail service was established in 2657 to Airdomurre and has enabled the city to become a emporium and interchange between river transportation and rail transportation. It is especially important for the shipment of grain to Trevirs by rail. It was necessary to construct four viaduct bridges across the various channels of the Shadew River to enable passage by dragonrail through Shadmouthton from Airdomurre to Dryknost.

Naval Base

Shadmouthton is adjacent to one of the major naval bases of the Aurician Empire. The base serves the Shadevan Delta, the Shadmouth, and the Shadew River up to Borenlas.

Chronology of Shadmouthton

Last High Temple of the Glorious Old Man of Agogia

Shadmouthton is where is found the Last High Temple of the Glorious Old Man of Agogia. This temple is so named to avoid direct reference to the Shadew River and thus its divinity by the devout. The temple is a long, walled temple with engaged columns and marble. Its current state was built in the early twenty seventh century and refurbished in 2694 to coincide with the Aurician Festival of the River Gods. Before the present temple, the site was a more ancient temple built during the Middle Ages of Chaos. Prior to that temple, there stood an ancient temple dated to the time of the Yophenthean Empire. The temple enjoys a high patronage, mainly of local fishermen, merchants, sailors, and merchant fleet captains.

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