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Sulism is an umbrella term that refers to practitioners of Incarnandism who incorporate certain mystical practices into worship. The beginnings of Sulism reach back to the seventeenth century after Salmakhamer (1600's). The Suli or Sulists are most known by their meditative repetition of the most common Incarnandist name for God, Sûl [<Esel]. The first adherents began their practices in eastern Danona in Thyria and the northeastern wastes of Danona. The practices spread to northwestern Weshif. Sulists emphasize the importance of mystical union with God made possible by meditative and chanting practices. Sulists are willing to study other religions and philosophies in order to enhance their knowledge and they are famously syncretist. Sometimes a Suli will retreat into hermitage for a year or more, spending his or her waking hours meditating upon the name of God. For this reason, the Sulists are often associated with other desert mystics.

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