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Esoteric Arts is a modern adaptation of an ancient term that comprises any human power drawn from within or from a resource not readily apparent, in contrast to conventional technology. For this reason, Titancraft is not one of the esoteric arts which include Arcanism, Energism, and Numinism. Hieratic powers are not traditionally included within the esoteric arts as they are deemed granted by divine powers. Modern skeptics insist that so-called hieratic powers are actually one or more of the powers of magic, energism, or numinism.

The principle of esoteric arts are theorized to rely upon the relationship between 'macrocosm' and 'microcosm' and can be summed up in the expression, "As within, so without."


Arcanism is the practice of accessing the power of the world-soul by means of esoteric conventions. It is essential for the practitioner to have vispanifica.


Energism is the practice of directing and projecting one's consciousness in both the spiritual and material worlds. A person who practices this is called an energist.

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