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Common giants once occupied much of the world after the Flood of Aturyanda. These giants are called the 'geddamin' from an Ithatian word. Geddamin giants are very similar in appearance to humans, but much larger in stature, about 2.70m to 3.45m (9 to 11 feet) in height. Geddamin Giants are able to interbreed with all humans and modern scholars regard them as merely a variation of humans. A human mother giving birth to a child sired by a geddamin is particularly vulnerable to complications particular to the size of the newborn and may result in the death of the mother. Ongoing debate has failed to resolve the exact relationship between the geddamin and the ancient titans. The geddamin once held much larger sway over the earth. Before the Coming of the Neptultchi, geddamin giants were a dominant race over Pytharnia, ruling the plains and mountains while the elves ruled the forests. The Geddamin's fortunes have waned over the millennia and they are now largely minorities pressed beyond the frontiers of powerful human states. In the west, geddamin persist on some islands of the Pallathantic and in mountain territories. There are also small geddamin populations in the Disdrire Forest. Several oral traditions report that geddamin were the original occupants of what now constitutes the Medibgösk Skynesses which anciently were called 'Aksiluva.' Titanist scholars propose that the geddamin shortly after the Flood of Aturyanda conserved the technology, religion, and language of the antediluvian titans, although this is much disputed, even within the titanist school.

Ancient Decline of the Geddamin

Scholars believe that the geddamin have diminished in numbers for several causes. Some scholars believe the geddamin do not reproduce at the same rate as humans. The geddamin have not adapted modern technological advancements in war and engineering, with the large exception of the Gorcorumbese. The geddamin of Pytharnia were subjected to the powerful onslaught of the Neptultchi Civilization in ancient times, unable to cope with dragonmount warriors of the dragon folk. The lack of a very strong central authority among the geddamin is thought to be a critical component of their decline. As with titancraft, the Gorcorumbese Geddamin are the exception as their empire has had periods of strong central power.

Geddamin Races

There are several Geddamin Races throughout the world.

Gorcorumbese Geddamin

The Gorcorumbese Geddamin have lived in large family groups in the Ephysgæe Mountains since very ancient times. They are most known in modern times for their dominion under the Gorcorumbese Empire of the Ephysgæes. Today the Gorcorumbese are ruled by several noble houses from palaces atop the south Ephysgæe Mountains. The leader of the nobles is the overlord. The nobles came into power when they were resuscitated from the kumenontli in the Awakening of the Geddamin. Before the Awakening of the Geddamin, the Gorcorumbese did not have a strong central authority and were not ruled by the nobles.

Jaffgorn Giants

The Jaffgorn Giants are dominant humanlike of the northern plateau of the Jaggudorn Mountains. They dwell in small cities under the direction of a league.

Kemerite Giants

Before the Coming of the Neptultchi, the giants of Pytharnia ruled small dominions, especially in southern Pytharnia. They were the inheritors of the great antediluvian citadels of Bryndyd, Trevirs, and Amyrn. They were also the occupants of Aksiluva which were the great skynesses of central Pytharnia before the Neptultchi Dragon Knights defeated them. Considered the strongest and most powerful of the Geddamin, they yielded over the centuries to the advance of the Neptultchi Civilization, fleeing into the woods of middle and northern Pytharnia where they survive to this day as a shadow of their former glory.

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