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The Shachábdin are a race of amphibious, throe giants who inhabited the great island of Erechóreb and its small, neighboring islands in great numbers until the gradual conquest of the Goldenlings from the east. They became allies of the Siordi Elves also native to the island who fought many years against the alliance of the Yophenth Tribe and the Erigiu Tribe. The invading Goldenlings along with humans already on the island continued to press the amphibious, chaos-tainted monstrous humanoids further into the perimeter. In turn, the Shachábdin raided humans on land and waylaid sea vessels. Today the Shachábdin survive, living in out of the way places and keeping to small islands. They have also found refuge in northern Danona. An adult, male Shachábdin stands about twelve feet high and weighs about 3,500 lbs. Shachábdin are amphibious and equally at home in water and on land. The face of the creature is somewhat bloated with a broad mouth like a frog.

Shachábdin worship various ancestral deities and the great goddess Xhalb'ithût. Scholars have posited that the Shachábdin are related to the Ithrabbi or the Gishaks, but there is generally no agreement or definitive proof of such a relationship.

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